SPICE model of Zcm of a Guanella 9:1 current balun

At Why the preference for Guanella 1:1 current baluns for HF wire antennas I compared a 1:1 Guanella balun with a 4:1 using the same component baluns.

Broadly, the findings were that the common mode impedance of the 4:1 balun was around a quarter of that of the component baluns, and mediocre at that.

This article extends the reference, documenting the SPICE model extended to a 9:1 balun.

Screenshot - 07_03_16 , 11_17_27

Above, the same component baluns were interconnected to make a 9:1 balun. Note that Zo of the TL section has been increased to 150Ω to suit the notional nominal 50 to 450Ω broadband transformer.

Screenshot - 07_03_16 , 11_17_01

Above is a plot of Zcm from the model, and at 7MHz, Zcm is 260∠63°… quite low and quite inadequate as a common mode choke in an antenna system.

If Sevik's guidance was followed that Zcm of the component chokes was 50*500/3Ω, the common mode impedance would be even lower.

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