orange CA20Z build

The CA20Z is Ford GT40 supplied as a ‘white’ kit which requires assembly and painting work.


Above is the part assembled bodies for a CA20Z and CS23B after painting with Vallejo 73.601 grey primer surfacer and two full coats of Tamiya X-6 acrylic gloss.  The inexpensive Chinese airbrush pictured has been used for a few bodies, and worked very well.

The bright colour should be easy to see in dark parts of tracks. Continue reading orange CA20Z build CS23B build

The CS23B is a Porsche supplied as a ‘white’ body only kit which requires assembly and painting work. The body will be an alternate body for a CA23B car.


Above is the body assembly as supplied after priming with Valejo 73.601 acrylic-polyeurathane primer surfacer. The primer was applied to a very lightly scuffed body with an airbrush, it sprayed on well straight from the bottle, levelled nicely, and was no fuss to use it from its convenient squeeze bottle. Continue reading CS23B build CA20A rework

The CA20A is a sidewinder configuration with the Mabucci style MF08 motor with extended shaft at both ends. The shaft ends extend out to about the mid point on the rear tyres with about 1.5mm clearance to the tyre.

The supplied PT32 tyres are quite elastic, and fly off the rim at high speed, making contact with the extended motor shaft and gouge the tyre, not to mention slowing the car. Continue reading CA20A rework