Evaluation of Aliexpress sourced EBM315 battery packs (for DB3DL2)

In Repack of Hikoki / Hitachi EBM315 battery pack (DB3DL2) I discussed the repack of a battery pack. At the same time I also ordered a no-name replacement 1.5Ah battery on Aliexpress for $25 incl shipping… with some reservation as most batteries I have purchased on Aliexpress have failed to deliver half of the rated capacity.

So, the battery arrived and I tested it, the purple trace above, and I was pleased to see that it exceeded the rated capacity a little.

So, I purchased another from the same seller, and it duly arrived, and to my surprise, it exceeded rated capacity by 30%.

Both batteries recharge properly on the Hitachi / Hikoki charger.

Time will tell whether they are good value. In any event, they use screws to hold the cap on so they can probably be repacked with good cells.