Compatibility - Vista, Win7

NFM has not been tested with Vista, but should work.

NFM is written in Visual Basic 6.0. Microsoft have published a support statement for VB6. The executive summary states:

The Visual Basic team is committed to “It Just Works” compatibility for Visual Basic 6.0 applications on Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7.
The Visual Basic team’s goal is that Visual Basic 6.0 applications that run on Windows XP will also run on Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7. The Visual Basic team is also committed to the Visual Basic 6.0 development environment running on Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7.   As detailed in this document, the core Visual Basic 6.0 runtime will be supported for the full lifetime of Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7, which is five years of mainstream support followed by five years of extended support

NFM 1.4 has been tested and works under Windows 7 Pro. Some changes were made to disable some menu options that used utility programs that are no longer available in Win7. These changes do not impact the basic function of NFM.



Latest full NFM setup package (~1800kB)

The installer and application .exe are signed, the thumbprint is 664d1c64ee0c34af30643151bb8086cb469818b7. 

If you need the VB runtime, runtime files for Visual Basic 6.0 are available at no charge from Microsoft at Visual Basic Run-time Files, choose the runtime for Visual Basic 6.0 with the latest Service Pack applied (SP6 at the time of writing this document).

Known problems

Some users have experienced problems with the NFM "Check for Updates" function under Windows XP. Microsoft has shipped changes to the security environment in XP that block the operation, you need to change the "Access data sources across domains" in the "Internet Zone" security settings to "Prompt" or "Enable".

Version history

(Dates in this list are AEST, UTC+10)

1.19.0  28/09/2019 19:00

Fixed error in conversion of ENR to Temperature if Tcold<>290K.

1.18.0  01/04/2014 15:00

Added uncertainty calculator under Options, registered users only.

1.17.0  08/03/2014 20:00

Added option to disable measurement limits.

1.16.0  06/03/2014 15:30

Improve flexibility of specification of ENR/Thot/Tcold.

1.15.0  27/02/2014 08:00

Adjusted URLs to new support site.

1.14.0  22/10/2012 08:00

Changed to allow specification of COM1 to COM99, updated MSCOMM32.OCX packaged to support.

1.12.0  13/03/2012 08:00

Various minor improvements, new Inno installer.

Because of the installer change, it is recommended that versions earlier than 1.12 be UNINSTALLED prior to installing V1.12 or later.

1.11.0  10/08/2011 08:00

Allowed calculation of stage 2 results even if stage one is not yet valid. This facilitates doing stage 2 before stage 1, which might be convenient for level management reasons. Of course, DUT results depend on both stage 1 and stage 2.

1.10.0  18/11/2010 08:00

Fixed bug in exception handling, reinstated DCUPDATER support.

1.9.0  14/08/2010 08:00

Relaxed range checking of Att values to permit negative values.

1.8.0  08/08/2010 20:00

Changed timing of COM port signals to deal with apparent quirks in some USB-RS232 adapters.

1.7.0  22/07/2010 20:00

Added facility for registered users to control a noise generator using RTS on a nominated COM port. RTS is asserted during the phase 2 measurements.

1.6.0  20/07/2010 20:00

Added facility for registered users to control a noise generator using DTR on a nominated COM port. DTR is asserted during the NoiseHi measurement phases.

1.5.0  19/07/2010 09:00

Fixed a bug introduced in V1.4 that gave "NFM.wav" not found error.

1.4.0  01/07/2010 09:00

Disabled some utility options that are no longer available under later versions of Windows.

1.3.0  02/09/2009 09:00

Fixed an internationalisation error, calculation of Thot from ENR was incorrect if decimal separator was not '.'.

1.2.0  17/02/2009 09:00

Fixed scope of a couple of  "On Error Resume Next" statements to ensure an exception in thrown when needed.

1.1.0  17/02/2009 09:00

Removed hooks to dcUpdater.

1.0.9  11/08/2008 08:00

Added Save Wave File option to File menu.

1.0.8  17/07/2008 08:00

Fixed bad link to help file.

1.0.7  15/07/2008 21:00

Fixed some faults in internationalisation. Some floating point numbers may not have been correctly handled for decimal separators other than '.'. This is a substantial revision of the code, and previous versions are no longer supported.

Help has been expanded.

1.0.6  01/07/2008 08:00

Fixed some window sizing issues.

1.0.5  29/06/2008 08:00

Fixed some window sizing issues.

1.0.4  11/06/2008 08:00

Changed handling of Interval and Units field so that they don't reset other fields unless they were changed.

1.0.3  01/03/2008 08:00

Updated help using compile HTML engine.

1.0.2  10/09/2007 08:00

Integration of update checking facility and an interface to dcUpdater. New installer (Nullsoft Install System) to address some issues with the Microsoft installer packaged with VB6.

dcUpdater is a free general purpose update checker that can check for updates for multiple programs and help the user download and install them. dcUpdater is not required to install and maintain NFM, but it makes ongoing maintenance more convenient. For more information click on dcUpdater.

Recommendation: It is strongly recommended that all existing versions of NFM be uninstalled before installing this package. Go to Start Menu / Settings / Control Panel and click Add / Remove Software. Remove all of the instances of NFM from the list, do not worry about errors reported on un-installation, they are a by-product of the old Microsoft installer.

1.0.1  31/08/2007 06:00

Separate specification of temperature of Att1 and Att2, resultant changes in format of output files for new variable, revised shortcut keys to accommodate, revised cal. Calibrate function enhanced. Some features restricted to registered copy. Error in NF calcs when Tcold != 290 fixed. Added a basic print option. Documentation revised.

0.0.8  27/08/2007 00:00

Various revisions to NFM. Expanded documentation.

0.0.7  18/08/2007 01:00

A revised method of removing the dc component from measurements, which now includes a single pole HPF with a cutoff frequency of 20Hz. This method works better with soundcards that have a large dc transient at startup (mainly some notebooks).

Facility to check online for updates. NFM uses msxml3.dll which will be installed on most modern computers (eg computers running IE6). The latest msxml3 (MSXML3 SP7) at the time of writing) installer is available on Microsoft's web site.

Updated documentation


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