Registration enables higher functionality in NFM.

Current limitations of the unregistered version of NFM are:

  • NFM's internal audio power measurement facility is limited to a maximum interval of 0.5s. An integration time of 0.5s with a 2kHz wide receiver gives an uncertainty of about 0.23dB at 90% confidence.
  • ENR data file import is not available.
  • Save TSV file is not available.
  • Calibration features are not available.
  • File/Print is not available.
  • Tatt1 and Tatt2 are locked at 290K.

Registration at a cost of US$10 entitles the user to all current and future upgrades and features in NFM, and supports the further development of NFM.

Registration is only payable by Paypal, you do not need a Paypal account to use Paypal.





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