Vista compatibility

FSC has not been tested with Vista, but should work on Vista.

FSC is written in C# for .NET Framework V2.



Latest full FSC setup package (~1500kB)

The installer and application .exe are signed, the thumbprint is 664d1c64ee0c34af30643151bb8086cb469818b7.

Latest FSC setup package signature.

FSC is a .NET application and requires the .NET Framework V2.

The .NET Framework is installed on most modern computers, and is shared by multiple applications. If you need the .NET Framework V2, the file is available at no charge from Microsoft at Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable Package (x86). (The .NET Framework V2 is a large download.)

Known problems


Version history

(Dates in this list are AEST, UTC+10)

1.0.15  09/03/2014 09:00

Fixed update of baseurl.

1.0.14  27/02/2014 09:00

Changes for new distribution domain.

1.0.13  13/03/2012 09:00

Various minor improvements, new Inno installer.

Because of the installer change, it is recommended that versions earlier than 1.0.13 be UNINSTALLED prior to installing V1.0.13 or later.

1.0.12  02/03/2011 09:00

Re-enabled DCUPDATER support.

1.0.11  01/03/2011 09:00

Fixed error in adding ExtraPathLoss field into displayed LinkLoss. All other uses of ExtraPathLoss were correct. Added EME example to help file.

1.0.10  30/08/2010 09:00

Added ExtraPathLoss field.

1.0.9  21/08/2010 09:00

Added exception hander to update checking.

1.0.8  20/08/2010 09:00

Update to new compiler.

1.0.7  20/06/2009 09:00

Change to display number formats.

1.0.6  17/05/2009 09:00

Pathloss relabelled correctly to Linkloss, help revised accordingly... though old graphics remain.

1.0.5  24/05/2009 09:00

Allowed minimise of main form.

1.0.4  17/02/2009 09:00

Removed hooks to dcUpdater.

1.0.3  21/01/2009 09:00

Added i and d units to TxAntGain and RxAntGain.

1.0.2  25/11/2008 09:00

Fixed bug in Txant, Rxant field validation, calculated results were not in error. Changed Listboxes to Combo controls.

1.0.1  29/06/2008 09:00

Production release.

0.0.5  19/05/2008 09:00

Fixed error in validation of Rx power flux density field.

0.0.4  10/03/2008 09:00

Revised Rx Ant so that if selected, AF remains constant with freq change.

0.0.3  10/03/2008 09:00

Copy scenario to clipboard facility (menu File / Copy to clipboard).

0.0.2  29/02/2008 09:00

Improved help file.

0.0.1  28/02/2008 09:00

Initial beta release.


FSC is free software.

FSC is © Copyright: Owen Duffy 2008. All rights reserved.

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