FINDDR is a DOS command program that is intended to locate a logical disk drive by searching for its VOLUMEID and/or a filename.

FINDDR supersedes FINDVOL.

Prefrequisites / limits / compatibility

FINDDR requires MS-DOS V4 or later. The -e command line switch uses undocumented features of DOS to update the parent's environment and may not work correctly with non Microsoft DOS or Windows NT.

FINDDR will ignore remote (network) logical drives if a volid is specified.

FINDDR has been tested with Win 98 using floppy disk drives, IDE hard disk drives, Microsoft RAMDRIVE, IDE ZIP drives, SCSI ZIP drives, CD-ROMs.


V1.04    Added -s switch to work with SET VAR=<file.

V1.03    Fixed bug with return codes if -z was not specified.

V1.02    Added ability to quote parameters to enable spaces embedded in file or volume names.

V1.01    Initial release, derived from FINDVOL V1.03


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