Silver rope

Silver Rope is a low cost synthetic fibre rope made from UV stabilised Polyethylene.

Silver Rope is a Polyethylene fibre rope, manufactured  using a special extrusion process which gives the rope superior strength and a distinctive hairy appearance.

Silver Rope is strong and versatile, with excellent handling properties due to its  surface characteristics. It is ideal for general and industrial applications, particularly in the marine industries where high resistance to abrasion is required.

Table 1:
Diameter (mm)

Guaranteed  Breaking Strength (kN)

Approx mass/100m (kg)
4 2.04


6 3.69


8 6.10


10 9.26


12 12.40


14 14.10


16 20.80


18 25.40


20 31.00


22 36.80


24 43.10


28 58.30


32 76.20


36 96.30


40 119.00


48 168.00


56 229.00


64 299.00


72 379.00


80 468.00


Some low cost Silver ropes tend to have lower mass per unit length. They may also have proportionately lower strength.

Note that the Working Load Limit will be less than the Guaranteed Breaking Strength by the Factor of Safety or Safety Factor. Local codes or standards may stipulate a Safety Factor to apply to specific rigging applications. In the absence of specific requirements, a Safety Factor of 5 could be used for dynamic rigging, and 3.5 for static rigging. 

  1. Strength: Silver Rope is strong and its strength does not vary, whether the ropes are wet or dry.
  2. Elongation: Approximately 35% extension causes rupture when the rope is wet or dry.
  3. Energy Absorption: Silver Rope has twice the energy absorption capacity of Manila and Sisal Ropes. This results in higher breaking force and greater elongation.
  4. Abrasion Resistance: Silver Ropes has excellent abrasion resistance. It wears exceptionally well and has a smooth silky feel.
  5. Specific Gravity: Silver Rope have a specific gravity of 0.95, It floats on water.
  6. Resistance to Chemicals: Silver Rope is resistant to most acids and alkalis, grease, oils, organic solvents, water and fungal attacks.
  7. Sensitivity: Silver Rope is sensitive to hot xylene, hot nitric and sulphuric acids. It is affected after extensive exposure to sunlight or high temperature environments.
  8. Reaction to Flame: Silver Rope shrinks, curls and melts when in contact with flame or very hot surfaces. It softens at 110°C and burns rapidly.
  9. Reaction to Water: Silver Rope does not absorb and is not affected by water
  10. Storage: Silver Rope should be stored in a cool, well ventilated dry store, never in closed containers. Silver Ropes should be stacked on wooden gradings or racks, or special coil pegs on stands. It should not be exposed to the weather or direct sunlight. When storing Silver Rope, ensure that it is stored away from: racks of heavy objects whose inadvertent fall may result in damage to the rope; from chemicals and other agents; containers containing liquids which may leak; and sources of sparks. Silver Rope should not be stored under conditions of high heat or excessively drying atmospheres. Silver Rope should never be dried in front of a fire or stored near a stove or other sources of heat.



Term Meaning
Breaking Force see Guaranteed Breaking Strength
Breaking Load see Guaranteed Breaking Strength
GBS see Guaranteed Breaking Strength
Guaranteed Breaking Strength The load or force stated by the rope manufacture as the rope's breaking strength when tested to failure in a new condition
Safe Working Load The maximum load that may be applied under specific conditions of use to a crane, hoist, rope, chain, sling, or item of lifting gear
Safety Factor The ratio of GBS to WLL
Sag The maximum vertical deflection of the span below the straight line between the supports
SWL See Safe Working Load
Ultimate Tensile Stress The maximum amount of tensile stress that a component can be subjected to before failure
UTS Ultimate Tensile Stress
WLL See Working Load Limit
Working Load Limit The maximum load that can be applied under general conditions of use to a crane, hoist, rope, chain, sling, or item of lifting gear


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