Taco seasoning

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Fig 1:

This seasoning can be used for a lot more than just tacos, it is excellent as a seasoning for mince for pasta dishes for example.


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Place the ingredients in a spice grinder (you can also use a coffee grinder) and grind them to the consistency of finely ground black pepper.

Store the spice blend in a tightly sealed container, away from excess light, heat, and humidity, for up to 3 months.

Brown 500g of premium beef mince in a pan, then add a little water and stir in 10-15g of the spice mix (20-30g/kg). Cook for a total of 20min keeping just a little free water. Then mix a little cornflour with water and add enough to bind the free water to make a coating rather than runny gravy. Remove excess fat. Adjust the amount of chillie to taste, and add salt to taste (about as much as the weight of oregano might be a good start).

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