Another Morse beacon keyer - Nano hardware

This article describes a stand alone beacon keyer based on the Simple Morse Beacon Keyer on Arduino Nano hardware.

The implementation is a small piece of Veroboard with female header sockets and a 2n7000 keyer FET, and a Nano with male header pins.

Fig 1:

Fig 1 shows the Nano side of the assembly which is wrapped in clear heat shrink tube for protecion.

Fig 2:

Fig 2 shows the underside of the Veroboard.

The Nano was loaded with a custom Optiboot bootloader that supports EEPROM and does not flash the D13 pin (which is used for the keyer output).

Fig 3:

Fig 3 shows the message programming with options. This sends the callsign at QRSS1 then key down to fill out a five minute interval and then repeat.




Version Date Description
1.01 18/07/2020 Initial.


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