Roger Beep - MC80 installation notes

This article contains notes on installation of a Roger Beep inside a Kenwood MC80 desk microphone.

CAVEAT: Any modifications that you make to your transceiver are entirely your own responsibility. Owen Duffy takes no responsibility for the accuracy of this article, or for the outcome of your modifications. Modification of a transceiver may have implications for original warranty.


The Roger Beep module is powered from the 6V supply on the MC80 PCB, R4 on the Roger Beep needs to be 150Ω rather than the 470Ω supplied in the kit.

Fig 1: Roger Beep module enclosed in heatshrink tube and fixed to baseplate using double sided foam tape

Fig 1 shows Roger Beep module enclosed in heatshrink tube and fixed to baseplate using double sided foam tape. Note the hole cut in the shrink wrap to provide access to the level adjustment pot.

Fig 2: Roger Beep module connections to MC80 PCB

Fig 2 shows the connections to the MC80 PCB. The ribbon cable in the foreground from the Roger Beep module is conected as follows:

 Adjustment procedure

Before finally tucking the module into the transceiver:

  1. Set the transceiver up on a dummy load or antenna for transmission testing.
  2. Adjust the mic gain setting on the back of the MC80 to about 10 o'clock;
  3. Turn the processor off, select USB mode and adjust the transceiver MIC gain control as per the transceiver user manual.
  4. Configure the RB for mode 6, continuous tone, as per Configuration.
  5. Press PTT to initiate tone transmission.
  6. Adjust the RB level control until there is just sufficient level to cause deflection of the ALC meter.
  7. Press PTT again until tone transmission ceases.
  8. Turn the transceiver off.
  9. Configure the RB for your preferred mode of operation, as per Configuration.
  10. Test operation.



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