Roger Beep - IC7000 + Traveller headset installation notes

This article contains notes on installation of a Roger Beep for an Icom IC7000 transceiver for use with a Heilsound Traveller headset. Heilsound supply a HSTA-iM adapter to connect the Traveller headsets to the IC7000, IC703, and IC706 series transceivers.

The Traveller is a quality headset that is reasonably robust for mobile operations, available in binaural and monaural formats, and includes a pendant with PTT and Up/Down buttons.

The RB module enhances the Traveller by providing a convenient latching PTT, RB's TAPnYAP feature, and a flexible Roger Beep to clearly signal 'over'.

CAVEAT: Any modifications that you make to your transceiver are entirely your own responsibility. Owen Duffy takes no responsibility for the accuracy of this article, or for the outcome of your modifications. Modification of a transceiver may have implications for original warranty.


The installation involves building the RB module into a small Jiffy box, and modifying the Heilsound HSTA-iM adapter cable for the Traveller headset to terminate in the box rather than the original in-line Foster 8 pin connector. The Jiffy box can be secured at a convenient location in the vehicle or shack using Velco.

Alternatively, the constructor could make the modified adapter up from components instead of modifying a Heilsound adapter cable.

Fig 1: Roger Beep module in a UB5 Jiffy box.

Fig 1 shows Roger Beep module installed in a UB5 Jiffy box with a Foster 8 pin connector. The assembly replaces the Foster 8 pin connector supplied on the Heilsound HSTA-iM adapter. (Note that there is a wiring error in Fig 1, the purple (speaker ground) and green (RB ground) wires should be on pin 6 instead of pin 7.)

Table 1: Modified adapter wiring detail
Radio RB Foster 8 pin Description Notes
MIC ExtSpkr
  1   +8V 1
via series 470R to 4
  4   RB PTT in  
(Green + bare shield wire)
    7 MICE  
  6 via series 4k7 MIC  
5 6 GND  
      DATA IN  
  8 Speaker  
    3 5 RB PTT out  

Table 1 shows the wiring of the modified adapter. Items highlighted in Orange are changes from the original adapter wiring.

Table 2: Notes to Table 1
Serial Comment
1 This wire was not connected on the adapter modified. The RJ45 connector was cut off and a new connector crimped onto the cable to terminate the black in the cable  wire on pin 1.
2 Dual function - see IC7000 service manual.

The appropriate values for R4 and R5 are 470R and 12k respectively. These are the values usually supplied in the RB kit.

Adjustment procedure

Before finally tucking the module into the transceiver:

  1. Set the transceiver up on a dummy load or antenna for transmission testing.
  2. Turn the processor off, select USB mode and adjust the MIC gain control as per the IC7000 user manual.
  3. Configure the RB for mode 6, continuous tone, as per Configuration.
  4. Press PTT to initiate tone transmission.
  5. Adjust the RB level control until there is just sufficient level to cause deflection of the ALC meter.
  6. Press PTT again until tone transmission ceases.
  7. Turn the transceiver off.
  8. Configure the RB for your preferred mode of operation, as per Configuration.
  9. Test operation.


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