VK3XU's PIK  with integral iambic paddles

Drew Diamond (VK3XU) is well known for his home brew projects. I was prompted by his article "Mark 4 CW transmitter for 3.5MHz and 7MHz" in August 2006 AR, to send Drew a couple of PIK chips.

Drew applied his creative mind to the task, evaluated the PIK keyer, and designed and constructed a PIK based keyer. The following tells the story in pictures...

Fig 1: complete iambic keyer including integral paddles


Fig 2: The iambic paddle assembly.


Fig 3: An exploded view of the iambic paddle.


Fig 4: The PIK electronics.

Drew is an accomplished CW operator with an excellent "fist". His opinion of the PIK... "the keyer performs faultlessly on-air", but that speaks more of the  human interface aspects of WB4VVF's Accu-Keyer design than of the PIK, which could be viewed as a microcontroller based emulation of that human interface.

Version Date Description
1.01 12/09/2006 Initial.

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