VK Powermate II Report

 Shortcomings in original design


Performance Test

246AC, ambient 23

Held regulation up to 8A, not tested further.

After a half hour test at 6A,


12.6>14.8 ohms. 44C rise in copper temp.


Temperature of key components (lid on during load, lid off for measurement)

Component Temperature
Transformer iron 35
Rectifier 76
IC1 38
Q1 46
Q2 93
Outer edges of heatsink 63


Idle, Pin=9W pf=0.4

At 6A output, Pin 161, pf=0.85, Iin=0.77A, Pout=80, n=50%


vkpowermate01.jpg (70742 bytes)





Above, rectifier current at 6A load, 1A/V.



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