PllLdr application - BH1415F

This article describes an application of PllLdr to a BH1415F FM stereo transmitter PLL.

The target module was purchased on eBay for about A$12 for a pair including post. The module contains the BH1415F PLL chip, a 7.6MHz crystal reference, and related circuitry.

Fig 1:

Fig 1 shows the target module from Sure Electronics, the BH1415F chip is located under the board.


Above is an example EEPROM configuration file for a transmitter at 99MHz. The BH1415F chip uses normal CS (ie, not inverted), so the //CS flag must be used. Additionally, the low fuse bits should be set for 0x62 to reduce the data rate to suit the BH1415F.

 The board has a regulator to drop the supply voltage to 5V. 5V for the PllLdr can be picked up off the board, or from terminal 9 if the associated series resistor is bridged.



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