AH4-AT300 Protocol Converter

This project is to develop a way to use an Icom AH4 automatic antenna tuner with a Kenwood radio. Most Kenwood radios support the AT300 tuner, so the approach is to design a protocol converter that converts the protocol used by the AH4 to the AT300 protocol to allow full integration with the Kenwood radios that support the AT300.

Key tasks
Serial Task Status
1 Search for available solutions Done, one commercial device found.
2 Search for documentation on the relevant protocols. Done, AH4 protocol already understood, AT300 described in AT300 manual.
3 Source AT300 connector, AH4 connector. Done.
4 Design hardware compatible with AH4E project, prototype.  
5 Develop software  
6 Test  
7 Document  


Consideration is being given to development of a similar protocol converter specifically to adapt the SGC tuners to the Kenwood AT300 interface, but availability of a tuner is an issue at the moment.


A low impact, flexible, frequency agile antenna for HF.

Another flexible, frequency agile antenna for HF.

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