QRSS grabber @ VK2OMD

A highly experimental grabber, part time operation. If you would like the grabber active, drop me a line and lets see what can happen... Owen.

One of the great frustrations with QRSS is the huge amount of unreliable web infrastructure, be it web pages, email reflectors, grabbers etc. Whilst only available part time, and by arrangement, emphasis is placed on reliability of this grabber. Problem reports are welcome, they will get attention.

Fig 1:

... see Recent grabs (updated just after the hour, files kept for two days).

Location is QF55fm, about 100km SW of Sydney.

 FFT noise bandwidth on HF 0.252Hz, or -6dBHz, VHF and UHF is 1.01Hz or 0dBHz.

This page will automatically refresh 60 to 75s after the 10min mark (randomised to minimise web server congestion). The grabber and the web server are synchronised to a reliable time reference.

Recent grabs (updated just after the hour, files kept for one day).

If you see my transmission on the grabber, the receiver has no antenna, and you will not be heard until I cease transmitting.

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Version Date Description
1.01 03/06/2012 Initial.
1.02 29/08/2012 Changed to show Offline page if not active.
1.03 10/01/2013  Call sign change.
1.04 1/11/2022 Revised to prevent caching of image.

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