N0XAS ID-O-Matic - VK1OD implementation

This article documents VK1OD's implementation of the Hamgadgets ID-O-Matic II.

To quote from their web site:

The ID-O-Matic II kit is a microprocessor based, ID timer/annunciator with repeater control functions suitable for Amateur Radio and other applications. Several modes of operation make it suitable for use in the shack or as an automatic Morse code ID for beacons, repeaters and “fox hunt” transmitters. The ID-O-Matic II includes audio mixing, de-emphasis and amplification as well as input signal conditioning and output drivers.
Fig 1: 

Fig 1 shows top view of the assembled board. The supplied kit was short a 10k resistor and DE9 screw pillars which were shown in the online shop pics. The pillars are not necessary, but there were shown in the shop pics. Additionally, no screws are provided to firmly attach the DP9 socket to the board.

The board design and quality are quite good, the overlay helps in assembly. The space allowed for mounting screws is a bit mean (see the right hand hole in Fig 1).

Fig 2: 

Fig 2 shows the underside of the assembled board, quite an open layout and easy to solder board. The board was cleaned and wiped with liquid flux before assembly. It and all the components soldered very well. The zener diodes were a very snug fill in their holes, but otherwise fit-up was easy. 

The ID-O-Matic II is a quality kit, it has a useful set of functions, and works well. It is good value for US$25+post.



Version Date Description
1.01 10/12/2011 Initial.

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