FM900 - EPROM for 2m band in the Southern Highlands

*** DRAFT ***

This article provides documentation and binary EPROM image for an EPROM to suit a basic B band FM900, channeled to suit repeaters in the Southern Highlands region of NSW.

The relevant files are linked below.

FM900-SH.pdf is a channel reference designed to be printed on A4, folded into double sided A5 and laminated.

SH.TXT is a print from FPP of the no-CTCSS configuration.

SH.BIN is a no-CTCSS binary EPROM image for the 2764.

SHC.TXT is a print from FPP of the encode only CTCSS configuration.

SHC.BIN is a encode only CTCSS binary EPROM image for the 2764 - UNTESTED.



Version Date Description
1.01 18/09/2013 Initial.

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