Calculate Vpk and Irms for given power at complex load

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This calculator computes the peak voltage and RMS current a the load specified given the specified continuous power level.

The peak voltage is useful in rating the voltage withstand of components. Voltage breakdown happens in an instant, so components need to withstand the peak voltage presented. Some notes:

Heating of conductors is due to the longer term RMS current. Some notes:

The load impedance or admittance may be found by measurement or predicted using models or tools such as TLLC .

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Results are returned in a separate window. Each instance of the calculator uses its own output window, so different scenarios can be explored in separate browser instances of the calculator and they will return results in separate results windows. The "New results window for each calc" switch on the calculator form will force new results into a new results window. If the calculator window is refreshed, results will be written to a new results window.

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