Resolve measurement of I1, I2 and I12 into Ic and Id

This calculator takes values of the magnitude of I1, I2 and I12 (being I1+I2) and resolves it into its common mode (Ic) and differential (Id) components.


Note that I12 must not be greater than I1+I2, if it is, then the measurements are in error.

|I1| (A)
|I2| (A)
|I12| (A)
Ic  (A)
Id  (A)
2Ic/Id (%)
CMR (dB)
dc| (°)
12| (°)

The above form allows calculation of Ic  (the common mode component of current), Idc (the differential mode component of current), θdc (the magnitude of phase difference of Id wrt Ic, θ1-2 (the magnitude of phase difference of I2 wrt I1). (The instrument does of course directly read Ic as I1-2.)

Note that external fields are principally due to 2Ic (or measured I12).

The calculator tries to use the number entered, negative numbers will be changed to positive, missing data 0, NaN means Not A Number (correct the input if needed), results will not be calculated when I12 > I1+I2.

CMR (common mode reduction) (or CMRR for some) is the the magnitude of the ratio of differential current to common mode current expressed in dB.

The low meter range is the most useful range, as meaningful readings can be made at relatively low power. Keep in mind that Ic=0.1A flowing in each conductor in a common mode choke with an R component of Z (the effective RF resistance of the choke) of say 1000Ω means (2*0.1)^2*1000=40W of dissipation in the choke.

The calculator does not do a lot of error checking, if you enter nonsense, it will probably produce nonsense.



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