Capacity test of aftermarket NB-6L batteries #2

I purchased a further two replacement batteries type NB-6L for a Canon camera from yet another supplier.

Above, the batteries are labelled 1000mAh. They appear to be well made externally, and fit charger and camera fine.

Note that these have different labeling to that shown in the eBay listing. It is naive to expect that the supplied item matches either pics or description, bait and switch is a standard Chinese technique. Continue reading Capacity test of aftermarket NB-6L batteries #2

A balun puzzle – discussion

A balun puzzle asked several questions of this VK5AJL balun which was cited online.

  • Under what circumstances is the current into one terminal of the secondary significantly different to the current out of the other terminal of the secondary?
  • Is this in fact a better current balun than voltage balun under some conditions? What?
  • Is it a good voltage balun?

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