Review of APRSTRACKER v0.11firmware

I recently built a FoxDelta FOXTRAK APRS tracker.


FoxDelta supply the FOXTRAK with firmware by DK7IN, but also recommend APRSTRACKER by PE1RXQ and PE1ICQ.

APRSTRACKER v0.11 was trialled as it offered promise of a better SmartBeaconing implementation and support for altitude, course and speed reporting. Continue reading Review of APRSTRACKER v0.11firmware

Review of Ceramica ceramic bearing fans

For some years I have used Ceramica muffin fans for low noise and long life. They use a ceramic bearing which is quieter than ball bearings, but longer life than sintered bronze bearings which dry out.


In the last month, I have replaced three Ceramica fans that have failed, one with less than a year’s service and two with less than one month’s service. Continue reading Review of Ceramica ceramic bearing fans

Spoiling balun action with ‘shielded twin’

In a QST column in 2008, a correspondent asked the question

… I have the ladder line terminated to double coaxes that run about 12′ (4m) inside the house to an antenna tuner. Should this pair of coaxes be grounded at one end or both ends?


The Doctor gave a detailed diagram (above) and his advice was… Continue reading Spoiling balun action with ‘shielded twin’