Review of APRSTRACKER v0.11firmware

I recently built a FoxDelta FOXTRAK APRS tracker.


FoxDelta supply the FOXTRAK with firmware by DK7IN, but also recommend APRSTRACKER by PE1RXQ and PE1ICQ.

APRSTRACKER v0.11 was trialled as it offered promise of a better SmartBeaconing implementation and support for altitude, course and speed reporting. Continue reading Review of APRSTRACKER v0.11firmware

Review of Ceramica ceramic bearing fans

For some years I have used Ceramica muffin fans for low noise and long life. They use a ceramic bearing which is quieter than ball bearings, but longer life than sintered bronze bearings which dry out.


In the last month, I have replaced three Ceramica fans that have failed, one with less than a year’s service and two with less than one month’s service. Continue reading Review of Ceramica ceramic bearing fans