ic9350 updated to support 3040

Announcement: ic9350 is updated to v1.03 to add support for the Codan 3040 automatic antenna.

The ic9350 is protocol converter to permit use a Codan 9350 or 3040 automatic antenna with an Icom radio. Most Icom radios support the Icom AH-4 ATU, so the approach is to design a protocol converter that converts the protocol used by the 9350 and 3040 to the AH4 protocol to allow full integration with the Icom radios that support the AH-4.

The ic9350 Protocol Converter uses the interface uses the radio’s ATU interface in the way that Icom intended, and will not disrupt radio operation .


  • Self powered from Icom radio tuner port, supplies power to 9350 or 3040;
  • Emulates AH-4 so that the Icom radio enables its external ATU support (eg TUNE button, external interface);
  • Converts requests for tune from the Icom to 9350 or 3040;
  • Requests tune carrier (typically 10W unmodulated carrier, subject to individual radio configuration);
  • Monitors 9350 pr 3040 for completion;
  • Signals success or failure to the Icom radio;
  • Simple, low parts count, reliable device based on 8 pin inexpensive microcontroller (12C508, 12F509, 12F510);
  • Supports In Circuit Serial Programming of flash device (12F509, 12F510);
  • Microcontroller sleeps (clock not running) when tune completes to reduce RFI;
  • Status LED to show tune status and signal error conditions.

For more information, see Icom – 9350 / 3040 Protocol Converter (ic9350).