Australian Lime & Lemon Marmalade


Last of the trial recipes was a small batch of marmalade using 50% Australian Lime and 50% Eureka Lemon.


The marmalade is light coloured, sweet and tangy, but a hint of the bitter lemon aspect of the Eureka.

Screenshot - 27_07_16 , 16_09_50


It is the first time I have made jam from this combination, and essentially I used the 40:60 mix from FAO's Generic Jam Recipe, though being lemons and limes no acid was needed, in fact about 9g of Sodium Bicarbonate per kg of fruit to achieve the ideal pH of 3.2-3.3. The fruit was cooked to release some Pectin, but a little Pectin as above) was added as the cooked fruit gave a slightly weak reaction in Methylated Spirits.

Endpoint was assessed by measuring Brix using a refractometer, confirmed by setting a drop of jam on a cold plate.