MultiStar 5200mAh 3S Lipo – initial tests

This article documents initial tests on a MultiStar 5200mAh 3S Lipo.

Two of these were purchased for about A$24 ea + delivery from the HK Australian warehouse.

On delivery, the batteries were served a balance charge to full capacity.

MultiStar52003SAbove, one of the batteries with the usual mods to suit my quadcopters. A heavy heatshrink encapsulation to reduce the risk of battery damage from crashes and flying propeller bits, rocks etc. A little velcro path to help stabilise the battery on the quad, a ‘gripper' for the balance plug, balance plug secured to keep it out of the props, and a charge indicator for convenience.

The tests here were conducted after two normal discharge cycles from full charge followed by normal charge. LiPos tend to improve in capacity in the first couple of charge cycles.

Screenshot - 24_05_16 , 13_23_20

Above, the discharge cycle at 2S delivered 5200mAh down to 10V.

Experience in using it with a quad that draws around 10A at hover is that the battery gets warm, but less so than previous 3Ah and 4Ah Zippy batteries in the same quad.

The only ‘shortcoming' is that these are 10C max discharge, 52A though the quad can draw 70A on a WOT. I just have to reserve such WOT tests for a different battery.