Review of inexpensive Chinese thermostat – 8010F #2

This is a review of an inexpensive 8010F Chinese bang-bang  thermostat that was purchased on eBay for around A$13 complete with thermistor sensor and postage.


Above is the front view of the thermostat. There are many thermostats on the market with similar front panels, but they differ in internals and most importantly, performance and quality.


Above, the rating label is clear and informational. 


Above, a view of the interior. This is a 12V model, and the power input terminals connect to the AC in terminals of a bridge rectifier, so there is not particular polarity requirement for the input.


The calibration accuracy was checked with 10k and 1k0 0.1% resistors and the displayed temperature recorded, and calibration constants calculated (Two point thermistor calibration).

Screenshot - 29_06_2015 , 11_43_10

The readings were 24.8° and 98.5 respectively, which is not too far from the nominal 10k/3435 thermistor specified. Note that a two point calibration for a different temperature range is likely to yield slightly different results.

If the thermostat was in fact calibrated for 10k/3435 as labelled, the 10k 0.1% resistor should have read 99.5°, so it is 1.0° in error near 100° which is within spec.


The thermostat seems of acceptable quality, it works well.