Thermistor for CBAIV

I wanted to embed some thermistors in battery packs to use them with CBAIV and sought specifications from Westmountain Radio who declined to supply the information.

It is a straight forward matter to measure the resistance of a thermistor immersed in a stable bath of water, and similarly to observe the software response to standard resistors.

I had ascertained that they were nominally 200R thermistors, and the above results (Two point thermistor calibration) from 1% resistor inputs shows that a 200R NTC with B=3000 will suit. CBAIV provides a limited facility to trim the temperature calibration at a single point.

The 200R NTC thermistors I had on hand came from Futurlec at about A$0.40 each, and have worked just fine for some years now.

The Westmountan Radio part is labelled TDC 120, and appears to be a TDC05A120-5 which is specified as R25=200R, B=3000.