CS23B build

The CS23B is a Porsche supplied as a ‘white’ body only kit which requires assembly and painting work. The body will be an alternate body for a CA23B car.


Above is the body assembly as supplied after priming with Valejo 73.601 acrylic-polyeurathane primer surfacer. The primer was applied to a very lightly scuffed body with an airbrush, it sprayed on well straight from the bottle, levelled nicely, and was no fuss to use it from its convenient squeeze bottle.

Airbrush01Above, an inexpensive airbrush off eBay tried on this project, just under A$30 delivered. It works very well, recommended, it is better than my Paasche H and as good or better than the Paasche VL.

A long period of rainy weather frustrated attempts to paint it. On the first day with humidity below 50% in a month, I sprayed a double coat of colour and set it to harden before completing the assembly.


Above, the body assembly painted in Tamiya X-5 (acrylic gloss). No other parts need to be painted.


Front axle

The front axle was modified to use M2 grub screws to set the ride height.


The guide was changed to a CH07 guide for timber tracks.




Above is the built car.