CA20Z build

The CA20Z is Ford GT40 supplied as a ‘white' kit which requires assembly and painting work.


Above is the part assembled body after painting with Tamiya X-7 acrylic.


Front axle

The front axle was modified to use M2 grub screws to set the ride height.


The guide was changed to a CH07 guide for timber tracks.

Motor shaft

The car is a sidewinder configuration with the Mabucci style MF08 motor with extended shaft at both ends. The shaft ends extend out to about the mid point on the rear tyres with about 1.5mm clearance to the tyre.


The motor was reworked as described at CA20A rework.



Above is the built car.

A long period of rainy weather frustrated attempts to paint it, and eventually I abandoned plans for further painting settling for the red body and other parts left white.