SimonK ESC FW – test of commit 8873df24…

The above source was built with COMP_PWM for an Afro30 ESC and bench tested on three motors that have had sync issues in some previous FW versions:

  • Hobbyking DT-750;
  • Turnigy 4822-690kV; and
  • Turnigy 2730-1500.

On 4S and using a servo tester, the motors were tested for sync loss as indicated by the red LED on the Afro30.No attempts were made to tune timing, default advance was used.

There were a few very brief instances with the DT-750 on rapid acceleration from idle speed. Though the LED flashed briefly, there was no apparent stalling or loss of response of the motor, if the LED wasn't there, not problems would have been noticed. No attempts at tuning timing were made to

The other motors were faultless.

The FW was installed on a SK450 quadcopter using 3S, Afro30 ESC and Turnigy D2836-8 1000kv Brushless Motors with 1045SF propellers, and flight tested with a range of radical maneuvers. The drive performed faultlessly as far as could be observed from the ground.

The FW appears good and will be installed on two other quadcopters using different ESCs and motors.