Google Bard on ferrite cored RF inductor challenge

Having seen an online expert speaking very positively of Google Bard in solving ferrite cored inductor problems… so I tried it out.

Google Bard

Well, that is encouraging, seems a lift from datasheets and it seems ok at a glance.

Now lets go deeper.

Hmmm… the “impedance” is given that real number… but that is unlikely to be true. Experience says that example will have a complex impedance.

I declined clicking any ratings buttons!

Now a lot of hams might agree with the Bard, most even, blindly using Al to calculate inductance and then inductive reactance from that. I mean, there are even online calculators that do that.

Maybe Google Bard read above?

The old way

Ok, let’s get relative permeability @ 7MHz (Google Bard does not mention that permeability of 43 mix is a function of frequency.)

Now lets calculate impedance of the core with a 2 turn winding at 7MHz.

… and the estimated impedance is 55.0+j78.9Ω.


Google Bard is not up to this relatively simple problem yet.