HK DT750 motor, Afro30 ESC and SimonK 8c2cf42/comp_pwm


Bench tested a DT750 on 3S, Afro30 with 2013-10-29_8c2cf42_comp_pwm, 11×4.5SF and Eagle datalogger. This motor is reported by some to be incompatible with SimonK.

This test fully loaded the motor to 18A @ 8700rpm.

No sign of sync issues at any RPM (visually, audibly, red LED flashing, or on the data logger current plot), or with rapid acc and dec using a servo tester.

After a few minutes of testing, the FETs were barely warm, the motor winding was warm to the touch.

Now I know this is not a flight test, but I would have no qualms about flying this drive configuration.

The motor is rated for 3S, I did not test it at 4S nor 6S, nor for any other props.

I have to think that all the people complaining of compatibility issues and claiming to be on “latest” version are wrong.

I will concede that knowing where to find the “latest” version is apparently a challenge!