NanoVNA-H – hardware issues

This documents a running log of hardware related issues in my various NanoVNA devices.

Hugyen NanoVNA-H V3.3

I have owned a Hugyen NanoVNA-H V3.3 since October 2019.

  • Both SMA jumper cables were defective, wrong size die used to crimp the outer conductor and the connectors fell off.
  • PCB SMA connectors reinforced to reduce board flexure.
  • Power switch was intermittent, replaced.
  • Battery charger chip failed, replaced.
  • Jog switch was intermittent, replaced.
  • Modified to allow boot from jog switch.
  • Power pin decoupling of mixer chips (3) inadequate, 3 capacitors added.
  • PCB battery connector crumbled, low grade plastic apparently, replaced.
  • Touch screen intermittent, lack of clearance to case, nylon spacers added.
  • USB cable intermittent, replaced.
  • USB connector intermittent, replaced.

Hugyen NanoVNA-H V4.3

I have owned a Hugyen NanoVNA-H V4.3 since February 2020.

  • SMA connector sheared off the PCM at acceptable torque (0.6NM), both connectors replaced.
  • SD card aperture reworked to prevent dropping card inside the box.


Many of the hardware issues above would not have been economic repairs, would have been beyond the capability of many NanoVNA owners, but were done for the experience.

In all cases where parts were replaced (with low cost Chinese parts off Aliexpress), so far the repairs have been lasting. Considering that most of the problems occurred when the device was relatively new, it suggests that the Hugyen factory uses even lower grade parts.