Review of Hakko FG-100 soldering iron thermometer

A new Hakko FG-100 arrived from China this week, the meter and pack of 5 sensors cost less than A$12 including post.

It was to replace an Atten 191 that was defective on delivery, see Atten AT191 review.

With the experience of the Atten AT191, first step was to power it up with a calibrator connected.


Now calibration of thermocouple meters is a bit of an issue at ambient temperature because you are really checking the calibration of the ambient compensator, but they should be close well away from ambient and in this case at target soldering iron temperature of 370°, the FG-100 is spot on.

By comparison, the Atten AT191 from Allendale stores cost twice as much and the error was a whopping 76°.

There is some discussion on the ‘net about these being counterfeit, and they are certainly inexpensive by Hakko standards, but the finish is excellent, the device works properly mechanically and electrically, hard to prove it counterfeit at this point!

I have used the FG-100 in the past, and I am sure that this one will deliver good service, and great value.