Loop in ground (LiG) – #10 – implementation – earthworks

The Loop in Ground project is about a receive only antenna for low HF, but usable from MF to HF. The objective is an antenna that has low Signal to Noise Degradation (SND), and low noise pickup by virtue of some separation of near field radiators.

The antenna comprises a square loop of 3m sides of 2mm bare copper wire, buried 20mm in the soil.

Above is the site marked out for earthworks, but excavation of a narrow slot 25mm deep. On the far side of the loop is an already installed plastic irrigation valve box for the transformer.

Above, the excavation implement… an attachment for the 62cc weed wacker which is designed for cutting neat vertical edges in the grass along paths etc. It was not very expensive, so seemed worth a trial. It worked very well.

Above, wire laid and slot backfilled. This will be watered and rolled with the mower over coming weeks to grow grass roots and settle the soil.

Above, ABS tent pegs were used to secure the corners of the wire loop.

In a couple of weeks, the feed point impedance will be measured and compared to models.

After one week of settling, including lots of rain, a quick preview with a hand held receiver is promising.

A work in progress…