Logging temperature meter (ltm) v1 – prototype trial run measuring ECT

Logging temperature meter (ltm) is a ESP8266 based temperature measurement and logging device.

Above is the prototype, but for this test a small thin film NTC thermistor was attached to the existing engine coolant temperature (ECT) sensor.

Data was captured using a USB terminal app on an Android tablet.

Above is a screen capture of the USB serial data which was also logged to a file.

The file was uploaded and copied into Excel.

Above is a plot of the 10 second ECT samples over the test run.

This car has electric fans on the radiator, but they do not operate until well over 100°, but the normal coolant thermostat can be see operating a little in this plot. On another trial the thermostat seemed actively controlling in the range 70-80°.

On the 80km/h open road, temperature did not exceed 65°, outside air temperature was 10°.

An earlier trial had problems with data capture, some log data was lost.

The route involved some steep climbs, albeit at lowish speed.

Above the route profile.

Above, the speed graph.

A work in progress…