Review of MXITA SMA-8 #2

The MXITA SMA-8 is a low cost torque wrench for 8mm, specifically for SMA connectors. It has an adjustable calibration, supplied at 1Nm but easily adjusted down to 0.6Nm to suit common brass SMA connectors, especially of doubtful quality.

I bought this after seeing several recommendations on a nanoVNA forum.

Above is the factory pic of the SMA-8.

The one I purchased cost about $40 including post from an eBay store.

In the event, the thing arrived after nearly three weeks… so that was quick.

When the mechanism was operated by hand, it was obviously asymmetric.

But it came with a test certificate!

So I will measure it.

Above, force from the left peaks at 6.0N, @ 0.16m radius: 0.96Nm torque.

Above, force from the right peaks at 9.4N, @ 0.16m radius: 1.5Nm torque.

The thing is unusable and unrepairable.

I trust my measurements before the obviously phony Chinese test certificate.

This was purchased on eBay with the hope that it would be better quality than the last, and if it wasn't there was better prospect of a refund. A full refund was obtained after making a compelling case.

I am not saying all MXITA product is low quality, but this item was such poor quality as to be consigned to the bin and if you trust MXITA as I did, you might do the same.