MH1210A, MH1230A operating instructions

Operation instructions

Press “set” button for 3s get into the procedure menu code mode, display the code “HC”. Press up or down for cyclical selection of parameter code of “HC-CP-LA-HA-PU-CA”.
To enter a code, press the “Set” button, press the up button or the down button to change to the desired data and press “Set” to save and exit;

Programming mode


LA floor level and HA the up limit are not the temperature control parameter adjustment, change will reduce the temperature control range.
Back to default setting: press the “Rst” button for 3s and display blink 5 times, all parameters back to default setting;
Parameter lock: press down for 3s and blink, display “OFF”, means the parameter were locked by the user, this method is the same when display “ON” means the parameter were unlocked by the user.(after parameter locking, user could check but not change, the function of temperature adjust is valid)

Fault tips

When the sensor short circuit or detect the environment temperature is higher than the upper temperature limit of 110 degrees, delink and display HHH and stop the output load; When the sensor works normal and detect the environment temperature is lower than floor temperature limit of -50 degrees, blink and display LLL and stop the output load.