The j value

I have noticed growing use of new lingo for reactance on hammy online forums… the term j value is replacing Reactance in the ham vernacular (though of course j does not distinguish Reactance from Susceptance).

A well-designed ferrite transformer operated in the HF spectrum is close to ideal, so if it steps R by 2, it will step j up by two as well.

Now whether general use like that is better educated people reaching hammy Sammy by using his lingo or simply ignorance of the concepts and correct term, it is simply reinforcing the wrong use of terms.

I make the observation that most users of the term j value don’t look like they understand complex numbers at all, they are just wanting to talk like the pros online. The underlying concept of Reactance as a component of Impedance is even further from their grasp.

The concept of complex numbers begins 400 years ago, Reactance more like 135 years old, and it seems modern online hams are happy to ditch to term of the unrecognised Oliver Heaviside… to whom we owe so much.