Finding the electrical length of the branches of an N type T – #1

An interesting problem arises in some applications in trying to measure the electrical length of each branch of a N type T piece.

Let's make some assumptions that the device is of quality, that the connection from each connector to the internal junction is a uniform almost lossless transmission line of Zo=50Ω. Don't that the left and right branches above are of the same length (though they often are) and we should not assume that the nearest branch is of the same length as the others (and they are often not).

Something to keep in mind is that the reference plane for the female connectors is about 9mm inside the T, and you can see the reference plane on the male connector, the nearest end of the shield connection.

With a ruler, the physical length of the left and right female branches looks to be about 13mm, and around 28mm for the male branch… but electrical length will be longer due to an unknown (as yet) deployment of dielectric of unknown type inside the T.

So, put your thinking caps on.

A solution to follow…