nanoVNA – promotion by cheats

A friend wrote saying “I thought the nanoVNA display was smaller than this”.

I make the index finger nail width exactly the same as the round part of the SMA nut which is 7.6mm. That is a very tiny hand… or the image is a composite fraudulently not to scale.

The small screen size is one of the most criticized ‘features’ of the nanoVNA.

My nanoVNA-H v3.3 screen escutcheon width is 60mm (2.4″), diagonal 74.7mm (2.94″), the active area of the screen is a little less. There are models with bigger screens, but this pic is not one of them, it is a fraud.

My hand is not particularly large, but it does make the nanoVNA-H v3.3 look a lot smaller than the first pic. (The second pic is not a mash up, it is not retouched or edited.)

So Chinese!