Acrylic plinth for small card modules – CNC router make

At Acrylic plinth for small card modules I described a contruction from sheet materials using a saw or score and snap.

In this article, I made a small plinth using the CNC router.

The design was created in Fusion 360 by importing a pic of the target module, calibrating it, and then laying up the plinth outline and the four holes. The first hole was dimensioned for diameter, then copied to the other three positions. Apart from dimensioning the first hole, all other design was visual.

Above is the design sketch. As a check, a dimension was take from the two widest spaced holes and compared with measurement of the actual board, and it was within 0.05mm.

Above is a simulation of the tool paths.

Above, the router setup.

Above, the cut product.

Above, the final product.

Above, the underside view.

Above, a close up of the foot design. M3 nylon nuts are used for the board spacer.