nanoVNA MOD v3 – a first look

Since I have a nanoVNA-H coming on a ‘slow boat from China', whilst working with a Touchstone s1p file exported from Rigexpert's Antscope I tried to open the file in nanoVNA MOD v3.

Above, the outcome was not good. The name of the loaded file is not shown, there were no messages during loading, and an empty graph and the stimulus data does not match the file.

So, is there data loaded?

I then saved the file with a new name and opened the new file.

Ok, no surprises there you might offer.

I then opened the s1p file and deleted the first line of data “0 0.778725690 146.597663962”, it has zero for the frequency.

Now we have a graph, though the stimulus does not match the data, and where the original Rigexpert file had 1001 observations, this has only 100 and they appear to have been interpolated from the original data (including interpolation to 0Hz which seems to choke it).

There is no warning of the transformation of the data, that what is displayed was not as loaded.

This would seem to be based on nanoVNA Sharp, and it may have inherited these defects from there.


  • nanoVNA MOD v3 did not properly open a valid Touchstone file, though it appears to have loaded an interpolated version of the data;
  • it appears to have created a data observation for zero Hz which it then choked on silently and could not display a graph; and
  • the stimulus boxes do not reflect the loaded data.