Holux web site missing / offline, Holux ezTour crippled

I have had a couple of Holux GPS loggers for some time, a RCV3000 and GPS245+.

They come with a neat little application called Holux ezTour for Logger.

Over time, the application has been unreliable, mostly knock on effects of Google Maps licencing and Holux’s failure to obtain and distribute the appropriate licence keys.

Holux released a fix for broken licencing on 19/07/2019, but by mid August, the maps were again failing to display (silently) and Holux’s website was off line (by design or negligence).

Time to move on, BT747 was evaluated as a replacement application.

It is a lot more complicated, a lot more flexible, and it uses OpenStreetMaps, so no apparent dependency on Google Maps. So far, it seems ok.

My advice:

  • don’t buy Holux; and
  • try BT747 for track downloads if you already own Holux devices.