OpenLog for TinyTrak – inline DE9 adapter

OpenLog for TinyTrak described a data logger for APRS NMEA data.

This article shows an innovative inline adapter for adding an Openlog to an existing APRS installation where the GPS is powered with 5V via the DE9 connector.

Above, the adapter comprises a DE9 male and DE9 female connector cabled together as a through connection, and the Openlog is wired into one of the backshells, wrapped in heat shrink tube, and velcro’d to the backshell.

Wired into the backshell is an inverter (RS-232-TTL converter) comprising a 2N7000 with source to ground, gate to RS232 rx data and drain to the Openlog rx input.

The above pic from Owen, VK2OL, shows the detail of the backshell, velcro patch, Openlog and the micro SD which inserts under the Openlog PCB.

BEWARE: some TinyTraks feed 12V to the GPS, this adapter is suited ONLY where 5V is supplied to the GPS.

Credit to Bruce, VK4MQ, for an innovative solution.