Counterfeit FTDI – another form

I purchased a FT232R adapter which claimed to use an FTDI chipset, indeed the seller’s pics showed an FTDI label.

Above, the labelled chip in the seller’s pics.

Above, the chip actually supplied has no label and reports as a FT232R but the EEPROM cannot be written, it is a fake.

Above is the supplied module (the red dot is my addition to flag the fake). The silvery component at bottom right is a crystal, and the FT232R has an internal crystal, but can use an external crystal, though it is not usually done on low cost boards because it adds cost for little benefit. It would appear as this fake does not have an internal crystal and must use an external crystal.

The seller’s pics did not show a crystal.

So the warning signs of it being a fake are lack of laser etched label, and use of an external crystal.

Of course the seller’s pictures did not reveal these, it is the classic bait and switch by the Chinese cheats on eBay.

These are not the FTDI FT232R boards I ordered, there is no identification of source on the packet, the goods I ordered did not arrive.

I have come to the conclusion that you cannot trust any purported FTDI product on eBay.