SSL migration of web site web site has been migrated to SSL, ie becomes

URLs are automatically rewritten in most if not all cases, provided you have not disabled redirects / rewrites of URLs.

Some older browsers may not follow the rewrites… so if you are using XP or older and IE, things might not work for you.

Of course you can manually edit any bookmarks you have to change the protocol prefix from http:// to https://. If your link does not have the prefix, it will need https:// ahead of the host name, either manually or an automated rewrite / redirect from

Off site links to non SSL sites may cause warnings in your browser to the effect you are now entering an unprotected site, they refer to where you are going rather than where you have been..

Some software authored by Owen Duffy has a facility to check for updates (eg nfm, fsm). It is advisable to exercise that function as it will store the new check URL. The workaround to allow this to continue to happen is temporary and may be disabled in the future.