AIM system – AIM912 initial checkout

Given that most versions of the AIM software that I have tried have had serious defects, I approach the latest release, AIM912, with caution.

An interesting opportunity presented when a correspondent sent me some .scn files captured from an AIM4170B using AIM912.

Above is the correspondents .scn file opened in AIM912.

The screen title bar says “DEMO MODE”, but there is nothing demo about this, it is being used to open a real measurement file captured just minutes earlier in another place and through the magic of the Internet, viewed on my workstation.

The screen contains a lot of information derived from the original measurement, but it does not show:

  • the model and serial number of the instrument used (though they appear to be in the .scn file);
  • the version of AIM software used for measurement;
  • the cal file used for measurement;
  • smoothing / averaging options used for measurement.

It does show

  • DC voltage=1000 (why show a stupid number if there is no instrument connected);
  • the configured local cal file, and the cal label text (not relevant and confusing);
  • local averaging configuration (not relevant and confusing);
  • local line extension (not relevant and confusing).

The AIM software comes across as half-baked, the product of a programmer who doesn’t show evidence of practical use of the software.

There are other defects, like the plot lines not repainted after some operations, Return Loss grows downwards, plot lines not properly clipped to the view window etc.

These are not new defects, they have survived many revisions.

Still a way to go for this to score highly.